Grove Hall is a community-driven Performing Arts Centre. It is located in Huntingdon, a beautiful rural village in the South Western corner of Quebec. The old stone church, built in 1861, is home to the Rural Arts Project.

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Rural Arts Project

The Rural Arts Project is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of bringing together artists, performers and audiences from the community of the Chateauguay Valley/ Haut-St-Laurent.  We provide a space to share our cultural and creative expression through the artistic mediums of music, dance, theatre, visual and literary arts.

We support the process and the product of arts creation. We seek to improve the quality of the overall artistic output of our region and connect with other communities that live is similar rural circumstances. Though we generally give voice to the Heritage and Culture of the English Rural Quebec, we strive to be inclusive of all nationalities, languages, cultures, traditions and spiritual beliefs.

The Chateauguay Valley is a unique cultural milieu, and the voices of its citizens are valuable and need to be heard. We support the region’s growing arts sector by putting on year-round programming in the performing arts; including theatre, music and dance. Additionally, we house dance, music and theatre schools and run educational arts programming for children youth and adults. 

Our long-term goal is to create a professional caliber touring company that takes the art and performances to the people in an “Big Top” outdoor festival format. In doing so, and in creating a high caliber artistic events, we dream of making the Chateauguay Valley a cultural tourism destination. 

We offer space for our unique regional voice to be heard. We are rebuilding pride in our area at the same time as building an artistic community. We want to increase the visibility and wealth of our towns and villages. These goals will be achieved more quickly and easily with your assistance. How would you like to get involved?

Grove Hall

Grove Hall is a privately owned, but community driven Performing Arts Centre, located in Huntingdon in the South Western corner of Quebec. The old stone church, built in 1861 by the Scots, is the oldest still-standing church in town. It sits on the banks of the Chateauguay River on five acres of parkland. Populated by old grown walnut, maple and oak trees it is also the perfect outdoor venue.

Tucked in behind the old Braithwaite building, the performance space inside the old church boasts amazing acoustics, space that can seat 130 for a meal, and accommodate an audience of over 200. It is fully equipped to host private celebrations and amazing rock and roll shows.

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