The RENDEZ VOUS CAFE- First Public Reading

Saturday, December 7 @ 8 pm

Over a year ago, Tina Bye and Christopher Pennington won a CALQ ‘Creation Grant’ to write a musical that reflects the unique reality of living in small town rural Quebec. Finally the day has arrived to share it with you.

We have recruited some of our favorite actors to come and read the different parts and bring the script to life. Please keep in mind this is NOT a fully staged production. This will be the actors sitting and reading from scripts, and Christopher will fill in some of the songs to give us a preview of the overall show.

The script follows four friends and a group of cafe regulars as they survive the up and downs of life with the dramatic backdrop of Quebec politics always looming behind them. Beginning in 1977 shortly after the first PQ government is brought to power, through the 1995 referendum, to the modern era we see the characters age and evolve and face the same questions and problems that small town citizens have faced for generations

Afterwards there will be a Q &A and a chance to mingle and chat. Given that the subject matter is somewhat mature, it is not appropriate for young audience members. Admission is pay what you can.