“Play Your Part” Sponsorship Campaign

Without your support, we will not be able to sustain our outstanding programming of cultural activities and shows.

We would like to invite you to consider being a part of this year’s programming and helping to make sure it happens, by becoming a sponsor.

Due to the long cold winter, low attendance at some events, and cuts to municipal, provincial, federal level programs, we need  to turn to our constituency for support.

For the first time in our existence, we need a fundraising campaign.

Some of the costs we need to cover day in and day out:

Creating Theatre:

Creating theatre requires paying for the rights to the shows we perform.  In the case of musicals, this amounts to thousands of dollars. Other costs include costuming casts that range in size from 6 to 46 (often some characters have multiple costumes), set construction, lighting and sound equipment rental, props and advertising.

Hosting Concerts:

For concerts, 60% of ticket sales go directly to the performers, 15% goes to equipment rental, leaving Rural Arts with 25%  for advertising, tickets, posters, and administration.

Building / Grounds Maintenance:

Grove Hall is historic and elegant, and expensive to keep in operation. Heating, Hydro, municipal taxes, insurance, snow clearance, maintenance and repairs are over $20,000 a year.

Staff Salaries:

At this time, our employees have no full time salary.  In order to  continue our work, this must change.

With your support, the Rural Arts Project / Grove Hall can work towards a bright future for our region. We invite you to become a sponsor and to have a partnership with us. We offer opportunities at various levels, from a one-time donation to a long-term relation of mutual support.

Donations/SPONSORSHIPs can be monetary or by gift/service of equivalent value.

Tier 1: $ 25 (Audience)

  • A thank you in our program
  • Subscription to Our Monthly newsletter
  • Membership to the Rural Arts Project

Tier 2: $ 50 (Member)

  • Everything offered by Tier 1 plus:
  • Sponsor’s name and logo present on website with link.
  • A business card size advertisement in our program ( 3.5”x 2’)

Tier 3: $ 100 (Actor)

  • Everything offered by Tier 2 plus:
  • 2 free tickets to the show of your choice (Reservation must be made in advance)

Tier 4: $ 200 (Designer)

  • Everything offered by Tier 2 plus:
  • 4 free tickets to the show of your choice (Reservation must be made in advance)
  • Up-grade to a half-page advertisement ( 3.5” x 4.5”)

Tier 5: $ 500 (Director)

  • Everything offered by Tier 4 plus:
  • Up-grade to a full-page advertisement ( 7.5” x 4.5’)
  • A thank-you on our social media platforms (2500+followers) and the newsletter

Tier 6: $ 1000 (Producer)

  • Everything offered by Tier 5 plus:
  • A thank-you on our social media platforms (2500+followers) and the newsletter
  • Sponsor description on our Facebook page and website throughout the duration of your partnership with us, together with a link to your website.
  • Your logo on our posters.
  • VIP seating reservation (Must be made in advance)

Tier 7: $ 2000  (Angel)

  • Everything offered by Tier 6 plus:
  • Your logo on our customized water bottles that will be sold in an effort to support the elimination of single use plastics
  • Personal thank you announcement before each show

Tier 8: $ 5000 (Arch-angel)

  • Everything offered by Tier 7 plus:
  • Your corporate banner at future events for a calendar year.
  • Your logo/link on our website & social media platforms, and future event advertising and posters for a calendar year.
In memoriam and anonymous donations/ sponsorships are also most gratefully accepted.

Sponsorship Application

Contact information:

Thank you very much for you consideration. A real person will be in touch shortly to arrange all the details.

Please send a web-quality (small- 2’ x ? at 100 dpi, .jpg or .pdf)  and print quality (‘high res’ – 300 dpi  .pdf or .ai) business card/ logo/ advertisement to info@grovehall.ca